HOCK KENG HENG (HKH) Plaster Industrial is one of the largest manufacturers and exporters of Glass Fibre Reinforced Plaster/Gypsum (GRP/GRG)/architectural gypsum moulding/gypsum cornice and mouldings/plaster mouldings materials.

All our GRP/GRG mouldings are modeled, moulded and produced with high quality non-toxic and non-combustible plaster (gypsum) powder and glass fibre to produce fine quality, excellent and durable products.

Our GRP/GRG products comply with fire resistance test, class "O" rating. They have also passed the BS 476 Part 4: 1970 (84) for Non-Combustibility Test. BS 476: Part 6:1989 for Fire Propagation Test, as well as the BS 476: Part 7: 1997 for Surface Spread of Flame Test.

We sculpture elegant crown/cornice/frames/mouldings, center panel/ceiling roses/ceiling medallions, beading and curving corners, in addition to the decorative wall pieces/corbes, domes, firebase, wall niches, archs, roman round/square pillars/capitals, ceiling panels/relief cameo, plaster board and many other circular mouldings that add a classic and elegant dimension to wall and ceiling decorations.

We are seeking overseas buyers and distributors to represent our products in their respective countries. At presence, we are exporting to 30 countries and our worldwide distributor network is rapidly growing. We offer very competitive prices to our dealers to match our excellent, fine quality products that are affordable for everyone.

HKH products can be touched up or painted with any type of paint. Specially made for decorative interior, non-structural use, our GRP/GRG products are suitable for use in new construction, residential and commercial premises, in line with decoration, renovation and restoration purposes.

Equipped with the most advanced technology, our manufacturing facility spans 60,000 m2. With a large team of dedicated and skillful craftsmen, we are able to supply to the needs of projects of every size. We also welcome orders for custom-made designs and assure on-time delivery, every time. As an experienced manufacturer with a strong network of distributors and retailers worldwide, we are always upgrading our skills in GRP/GRG fabrication to cater to the ever-changing needs of our customers.